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InterData Systems Inc. is a Canadian company established in 1976 to provide computer software services. We specialize in AS/400 software and Client/server applications run on PC's using the AS/400 database. With more than 1,000 customers in 33 countries we are a leading supplier of system software for the AS/400. In addition to contract programming we supply the following software packages:

STO - Screen Time Out:

A utility that controls the operation of all terminals connected to your system. Don't let your workstations be unattended forever and solve your backup problems with STO.
Available for the S/36, and AS/400 systems.

DSM - Disk Space Manager:

This utility will save you substantial amounts of disk space. With DSM you can do a full analysis of the space used by all objects in your system and reclaim wasted space.
Available for the AS/400 system.

RAF - Report Archive Facility:

This application provides a system for archiving reports online and offline. Before being archived, RAF will compress these reports to 10 to 20% of their size to conserve disk space.
Available for the AS/400 system.

RDA - Report Design Aid:

This program will cut in half your design time for printer programs! With RDA you can design reports on the screen.
Available for the S/36, and AS/400 systems.

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