RDA - Report Design Aid

The indispensable tool to design reports for RPG, COBOL, or printer file DDS

Cut in half the design time for printer programs. RDA lets you design reports on the screen. Start new or use existing RPG print programs or print file DOS.

With RDA you can


Develop a report on-line using a full screen editor


Print samples of the report.


Generate an RPG or COBOL source member to be included in a program that prints the report.


Generate DDS source specifications for a printer file for print program.


Create an RDA report member from an existing RPG


Create an RDA report member from an existing DDS source specifications for a printer file (*).


Maintain report files that contain your report members (create, delete members, copy members, rename members etc.).

(*) AS/400 and S/38 only

It you know the most popular IBM editors you can start working immediately with RDA, as the commands of the RDA editor are almost identical to the following IBM programs.

RDA/400........ SEU and SDA

RDA/36........ POP

RDA/400 and R0A138 can extract field definitions from any external file (database, display, printer etc.). The commands are similar to SOA "Retrieve Data Base Fields". But in RDA you can extract either the field name or the alias name (useful for Cobol), or both.

How to work with RDA

Simple. If you start a brand new report you type the text lines (type H and D). Constants are entered in full, alphanumeric fields as a string of X's and numeric fields as a string of S's (the usual).

Use the normal edit commands to copy, move or delete the report (*) lines, shift text left and right etc.

Then print the report to see if you like it. When you're happy with the result, add field names, edit codes, indicators, keywords etc. using the '&' lines (see them right below the text lines they refer to).

As soon as you add these lines the WYSIWYG (What You see Is What You Get) is no longer true. But RDA has a command key that lets you 'Show' the '&' lines or 'Hide' them. When they are hidden then WYSIWYG again.

It you start from an existing RPG program or printer file DDS, ROA creates this basic member for you. You can then modify it.

When you finish you can generate an RPG, COBOL or DDS source member to use in the print program.

For more information or a free demo with manual:

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